Quote of the Day 018: The Winner

Have you ever felt so motivated that you just keep going on despite life’s challenges?  Do you easily get affected by what others say or do? Do you easily give up or do you keep on striving hard?

Life is not sailing smoothly all the time. There will always be ups and downs. You see people being successful and sometimes you see yourself stuck on one end.

One lesson though is never compare yourself with others.  If you see others succeed, be happy.  When life gives you obstacles, tell yourself “I can do this, I am a winner. No one is in charge of my success except my own self.”

In achieving our goals, let’s direct our focus with a strong mindset. Be prepared to fail and don’t let others influence your decisions in life. Make your own self be the driving force. You are a winner. You just have to strive more. Thoughts? Feel free to share.


5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day 018: The Winner

  1. I think when we understand that everyone has special talents and strengths, we see that we all are puzzle pieces that fit into the interconnected whole. We can use our strengths to work together and help each other. Comparison drifts away.

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